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Johari Kassim sacked from MPSP.

Posted by amkpermatangpauh on June 29, 2009


SEBERANG PRAI, June 29 — The Penang state executive council today sacked Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) Johari Kassim from the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP).

State executive councillor in charge of local government, Chow Kon Yeow told The Malaysian Insider the state PKR leaders had been consulted before the decision was made.

“It was a unanimous decision of the excos,” said Chow.PKR has three representatives in the Penang executive council.

Earlier this month, Johari led eight local councillors in a boycott of the swearing-in ceremony for MPSP president Mokhtar Mohd Jait.

The action resulted in DAP leaders calling for Johari’s resignation for insubordination.

Johari, also a Penang PKR committee member, claimed that the DAP-led state government had promised the council presidency to PKR.

PKR leaders were subsequently displeased when Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng decided to appoint a civil servant to the post.

Johari’s sacking comes amid worsening relationship between the two Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties over a host of issues in the state administration, including the recommendations for state awards.

PKR lawmakers are said to be unhappy with government’s policy of not giving state awards to PR leaders.

Source : The Malaysian Insider

One Response to “Johari Kassim sacked from MPSP.”


    bagus lah kena pecat!!!dari ahli majlis MPSP!!!Lim Guan Eng tu bukan lah BODOH!!!nak simpan ORANG MACAM saudara jOHARI!!sekolah pun setakat Vocantional!!kerja pun sebagai TECHNICIAN DI kilang ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES FIZ PENANG!!ORANG PANGGIL DIA jO PA AYAM!!orang CINA saja tau AJAX PKR!!

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