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Gerakan’s Huan ‘ready to join PKR’

Posted by amkpermatangpauh on June 4, 2009

(NST) BUTTERWORTH: State Parti Keadilan Rakyat chairman Datuk Zahrain Mohamed Ha-shim yesterday claimed Gerakan vice-president Huan Cheng Guan would be joining PKR.

Zahrain, who is the Bayan Baru MP, said Huan had indicated his intention to join PKR when he met him on Tuesday.

He said they spoke at length on party issues and Huan had expressed his desire to quit Gerakan and join PKR.

Huan was issued a show-cause letter by the Gerakan central working committee on Monday for openly criticising the party leadership.

He had earlier voiced dissatisfaction with the state Gerakan leadership for failing to address the grouses of the party’s grassroots.

Following that, Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow announced that the central working committee decided to issue the show-cause letter to Huan.

Yesterday, several branch and division leaders threatened to leave the party should Huan decide to do so.

Branch leaders from Kubang Ulu, Penanti, Sungai Lembu, Telok Wang, Seberang Jaya and Samagagah said 1,000 members in the branches would also follow Huan.

Their sentiments were shared by Kepala Batas Gerakan division chief Jeffrey Beh who declared his support for Huan.

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